Devil's Harvest Whiskey Glass

Devil's Harvest Whiskey Glass


10 oz porcelain cup

This whiskey glass is handcrafted from high-quality porcelain. It features a harvest motif glazed onto the front. The old devil is embossed on the back. Porcelain is a better insulator than glass, making it easier to control the temperature of your whiskey. It’s food and dishwasher safe, and built to last. We call it a whiskey glass, but it’s a perfectly good vessel for whatever suits you. Cheers!

Our products are fired to 2250 degrees to create strong, durable ware which will last as long as you let it. Its elegant and ergonomic design has been tested and refined for ease of use. 100% American made. 
Your health is important to us. Our glazes are non-toxic (conforms to ASTM D-4236) and safe at all temperatures. 

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