Ginkgo Bubbler

Ginkgo Bubbler


This fine porcelain bubbler pipe is one-of-a-kind; I don’t plan to produce any more of this design. When the pipe was still wet a layer of liquified porcelain was brushed onto the surface and two ginkgo leaves were pressed into the wet clay. The leaves burned out in the firing, leaving their contours behind. Iron oxide was then brushed into the impressions and a clear glaze was applied over top. This bubbler holds up to 6 ounces of water and features a large inner chamber for a cool and mild smoke. The interior can be easily cleaned by soaking for several hours in isopropyl alcohol, or everclear.

The ginkgo is a living fossil, with fossilized ginkgo plants having been found dating to the Permian period, 270 million years ago. To look at the ginkgo’s leaf is to look back in time, to an earth we would scarcely recognize. Simple, clever, resilient design has helped it survive eons of time so that we had the privilege of immortalizing its leaves in one of our pipes.  

Our pipes are fired to 2250 degrees to create strong, durable ware which will last as long as you let it. Its elegant and ergonomic design has been tested and refined for ease of use. 100% American made. 
Your health is important to us. Our glazes are non-toxic (conforms to ASTM D-4236) and safe at all temperatures. 

We sell pipes with the expectation that the customer will use them in accordance with US and local law. This pipe is for display or tobacco use only. Must be 18 or older to purchase.

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