The Product

We started Old Devil Fine Wares in 2015, running the studio out of our living room purely as an unprofitable labor of love. The uncompromising pursuit of the finest possible product is our goal and motivation. If it's not the best we can do, we don't sell it. Every Old Devil Fine Wares product is hand-crafted start-to-finish, by a real human being, to the highest standards we can manage. You can trust in the Old Devil. 

The Artist

Logan used to be a painter until he figured out that a person's favorite mug has a greater impact on their life than the painting they hang in their bathroom ever could. He now endeavors to make the favorite mug of every living human being. Nobody will be spared.

The Shop Manager

Franki is currently working on her PhD in Chemistry, but is here to pair you with gorgeous works of art. She uses her finely tuned skills in procrastination to keep you updated on the shop's goings-on and to keep everything organized. Reach out with inquires of whole-sale or exclusive products not yet advertised. Follow her postings on Instagram and Facebook.